New music videos (Bodyswapping)

For her latest video Lana Del Rey goes a little bit gay. Shot in her usual Super-8 style, this song of predictable love and misery doesn’t end too well for Lana’s scissoring partner, played by Jaimie King. Speaking of which what the hell HAPPENED to Jaime King? – or is that one of those mysteries like “What happened to Salem after Sabrina the Teenage Witch got cancelled?” that the FBI probably has a whole file on.

Meanwhile, one of the most well-known homosexual musicians has taken Lana’s most famous single, the dirge anthem ‘Video Games’ and turned it into a Johnny Cash-style ballad. The lovely Goth-Punk couple look so inappropriately happy that you spend 90% of the video on edge waiting for something horrible to happen to them. George’s voice however, sounds beautiful.

Have a lovely weekend

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