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Return of an old Love Affair

The line-up of Hercules and Love Affair may have changed, but that didn’t stop former member Antony Hegarty singing ‘Blind’ live for the first time ever at Meltdown with founder Andy Butler and the rest of the original gang:


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A new addition for any self-respecting camp dancefloor:

Tammy Wynette – warbling Country legend. Dave Audé – producer, remixer and man behind Nicole Scherzinger’s leaked smash-that-never-was, ‘Cold’. Not the most obvious of pairings until you take a listen to the latter’s reworking of the former’s signature tune ‘Stand By Your Man’:


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Artwork win (and not a bad song either) from Jessie Ware

She’s a sneaky one, that Jessie Ware, in the way she’s managed to quietly creep up on me from being “that lass who worked with Sbtrkt”  to the most exciting new female artist of the year.

She first grabbed my attention with her haunting single ‘Running’….

Then she kept me wanting more with her follow-up ‘110%’, a gorgeously chilled-out track that deserves a decent summer to be  the soundtrack of. Oh well, you don’t get everything. You do however get this artwork for her latest single:

Simple, but gorgeously affecting – much like her distinct brand of dance-tinged spook-pop. Asides from taking notes from Sade, Dido and a touch of Lisa Stansfield it’s almost as though someone decided to encapsulate everything that Hurts managed to get right into a sweet girl from Brixton who used to work for the Jewish Chronicle.  ‘Wildest Moments’ is a percussion-heavy ballad that probably won’t dent the Top 40 but is the classiest thing you’ve heard – since her last release.

While it’s obvious that in the post-Adele landscape “basic” is in – you only have to look at Lana Del Rey’s timely appearance, Jessie isn’t just some puppet catapulted onto a bandwagon by a hopeful label. She cut her teeth on Katy B’s breakthrough passport, underground radio station Rinse FM and since then has been quietly finding a sound of her own – recent releases owe more to soul than earlier demos with a hint of derivative dubstep. Her album Devotion (which you can order here) is out in August and with a bit of luck should drum up enough sales for a tour after her well-received festival appearances. Spread the word; when it comes to Jessies – forget the J and be aware of The Ware.

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How to take the boring out of a Keane song:

…You mix it within an inch of its life and pump it full of Ibiza’s second largest export after STIs – EUPHORIA, until the dreary U2 MOR-ness is no more. Summer anthem alert:

Ta Alesso. You can get hold of this restorative remix here.

You can also watch George Osborne attempting to survive the song in its original form, before remembering he’s on telly and bopping looks human below:

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A gentle reminder about the new Wolfette single:


The only thing to dislike about this song is the video’s total lack of authenticity – there is absolutely no way Wolfette would be reduced to creating a boyfriend out of a shadow, like a perverse Peter Pan. I mean…Look.At.Her.

Swooning aside, you can get your paws on the single on iTunes now.

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Alexander Geist: Disco is dead – long live Disco

With the passing of both Donna Summer and Robin Gibb in the past couple of weeks, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Disco was fading into the past, like the Charleston with its once dancing, now decomposing flappers.

You’d be wrong. Just because the pioneers of Disco have started to become as non-existent as the clubs they boogied and rode white horses into, that’s not to say that it’s finished. The great work continues, through people like this chap…

Part living embodiment, part character, I’m sure if you asked Alexander Geist a question about his origins you’d end up with the same veiled mystery that Amanda Lear has dined out on for decades. The point is, boys and girls, that Herr Geist’s debut ‘Bad Language’ is hynotic, tragic and a little bit funky all at once. Have a listen for yourselves:

Rather fucking spiffing if I say so myself. You can get your hands on this delectable digital package, including morose b-side ‘What I Mean To You’ (imagine the progeny of Morrissey after being knocked up by Jake Shears in a Berlin sex club) on iTunes now.

For all the latest Alexander Geist happenings, visit his website and follow him on Facecrack and The Twitter.

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Artwork win: ‘Black Heart’ by Stooshe

Compared to their earlier stuff, I’ve not been as gushingly enthusiastic about Stooshe’s new single ‘Black Heart’, mostly because although it does a good job of showing off their vocal chops and isn’t “Look! We’re swearing lots!” again – it’s a bit repetitive and doesn’t come across as an entirely convincing genre-hop. However, the single’s artwork itself is rather fun. Take a look:

Cartoonylicious. ‘Black Heart’ is out on June 11th.

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Song tombola

Banish those post-Bank Holiday blues with a veritable lucky-dip bag of randomly brilliant new songs:

After signing with Sony earlier this year, the awesome Chew Lips are releasing their first single ‘Do You Chew?’  from their upcoming second album on June 11th. It’s a bit more chilled out than the stuff from their melancholy-tinged first album Unicorn, but it also allays fears that they’d gone all commercial after signing with a major.

If they keep at the rate they’re going, despite their completely ungoogleable name, Friends are definitely going to be part of my Summer soundtrack. The Brooklyn quintet’s debut, Manifest!  is out on June 4th and promises lots of unabashed hazy fun if previous singles ‘Friend Crush’ and ‘I’m His Girl’ are anything to go by.

‘Mr Hollywood’ is the debut single from The Magic released on 11th June. Following from the lyrical topics from the likes of Lana and Marina, this soulful slice of disco tells the dark Hollywood story about the double lives of closeted gay actors.

The Magic is made up of two Canadian brothers, Geordie and Evan Gordon who put the band together after much scheming, in the back room of a thrift store where they both worked.  If you like the sound of this check out b-side ‘Never Lock The Door’ and look out for the album Ragged Gold which is out on 25thJune.

Sibling duo of Thom and Lucy Southern are at it again with new lovely single ‘Where The Wild Are’ which is released as a free download on May 21st. The song reminds me of NON-SHIT Belle & Sebastian.

‘Lacrimosa’ is a wonderfully spacey single from Helium Robots with vocalist Lydia echoing all over the shop with drums, synths and guitars coming together to create something gorgeous. The song is taken from the new Helium Robots debut album Voltopia, out on June 11th.

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