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New music videos (Bodyswapping)

For her latest video Lana Del Rey goes a little bit gay. Shot in her usual Super-8 style, this song of predictable love and misery doesn’t end too well for Lana’s scissoring partner, played by Jaimie King. Speaking of which what the hell HAPPENED to Jaime King? – or is that one of those mysteries like “What happened to Salem after Sabrina the Teenage Witch got cancelled?” that the FBI probably has a whole file on.

Meanwhile, one of the most well-known homosexual musicians has taken Lana’s most famous single, the dirge anthem ‘Video Games’ and turned it into a Johnny Cash-style ballad. The lovely Goth-Punk couple look so inappropriately happy that you spend 90% of the video on edge waiting for something horrible to happen to them. George’s voice however, sounds beautiful.

Have a lovely weekend

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Artwork win (Nobody squats quite like P!nk)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that P!nk is back with another smashing grump-anthem, written by Greg Kurstin. Perfectly designed for anyone who’s had a shit day at work  to chant “I’VE HAD A SHIT DAY, YOU HAD A SHIT DAY, WE’VE HAD A SHIT DAY”  on their way home, she’s doing what she does best.

Unlike other artists who dip their toes in different genres in an effort to keep things fresh, I can’t think of anything I’d hate more if P!nk did something like a dance record, something she’s recently made clear she has *no* intention of doing.

And as far as her latest album artwork’s concerned it’s a typically bold affair :

And here’s the tracklisting for what’s actually going to be on it:

1. Are We All We Are 

2. Blow Me (One Last Kiss) 

3. Try 

4. Just Give Me a Reason 

5. True Love 

6. How Come You’re Not Here 

7. Slut Like You 

8. The Truth About Love 

9. Beam Me Up 

10. Walk of Shame 

11. Here Comes the Weekend 

12. Where Did the Beat Go? 

13. The Great Escape

One of the above tracks is going to be a duet with none other than fellow-Kurstin collaborator and recent mother, Lily Allen. Here’s hoping for something typically snarky that we’ve come to expect from both. If that wasn’t enough, you’re getting a proper b-side with ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’, the fabulously titled ‘The King Is Dead But The Queen Is Alive’ to tide you over until The Truth about Love is released on September 17th.

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New music videos (the battle of the blondes)

Probably the best thing about the return of No Doubt is that it doesn’t feel like a comeback. Gwen and co haven’t altered their lazy ska/reggae sound and there’s no attempt to sound current e.g. “REDONE…Stefani!” etc. Because of this it actually stands out from everything else processed and vocodered within an inch of its life in the charts – and that might be the secret to this reunion’s success. Look out for Harajuku girl lurking in the back of Gwen’s truck (apparently it’s Love – Angel, Music and Baby were either indisposed or superfluous) in the equally laid back video:

For a woman whose album scuttled off the charts faster than Bionic by Christina, Madonna really isn’t in a position to be lazy. A video involving carefree driving around Florence with dancers and hookers just isn’t going to cut it. As for the song – it should’ve remained with Sunday Girl who it was originally recorded with. Nothing about this single has personality..

Have a lovely weekend.

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New music videos (from the best and worst of blokepop)

Oh Aiden. WHY YOU SO SHY? The trouble with Aiden Grimshaw is that he’s critically ignoring the point of being a pretty popstar – use your aesthetics to flog your music. His last, catchier single ‘Is This Love’ (missing a question mark, edgy) clung on to the Top 40 and although ‘Curtain Call’ is one a hell of a song I can’t see it doing better. The video features a little of the man himself, looking mopey on a train and angsty in Docklands but is predominantly taken up by a boring backstory which nobody cares about. Unless he does something drastic like naked photoshoot, everyone will start to forget what he actually looks like.

Alex Reid’s solo single. Where to begin. It isn’t too awful in a “Basshunter leftover” sort of way, otherwise I wouldn’t have drunkenly bought it off iTunes. In terms of production it’s a fairly decent job, which is worth concentrating on rather than the vocals that not even the man who makes Britney Spears sound like Britney Spears could fix. As for the video…let’s just not.

Have a lovely weekend

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Kylie Minogue does sombre

Summing up the mood of everyone who bought tickets to the doomed Hit Factory Live concert, ‘Who Were We?’, Kylie’s song from the soundtrack of her upcoming film Holy Motors has hit the interweb:

Mournful and classy – like something straight out of a David Lynch movie it’s a reminder of just how versatile the woman who gave us ‘Your Disco Needs You’ is and bodes well for her planned orchestral album. Eat this Lana Del Rey!

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Artwork win (and we’re one down) from The Noisettes

So The Noisettes are back, minus a member. For whatever reason we’ve apparently lost Jamie Morrison back in 2010 but that’s hardly slowing them down. They’re steaming ahead with a new album called Contact that’s hitting shelves on August 27th. And much like their first and second albums, their latest offering’s artwork is equally eye-catching:

You can listen to a clip of their upcoming first single ‘Winner’ (out on August 13th) below.

 Here’s the album’s tracklisting:

1. Transmission Will Start

2. I Want You Back

3. Final Call

4. Winner

5. Let The Music Play

6. Travelling Light

7. That Girl

8. Ragtop Car

9. Never Enough

10. Love Power

11. Free

12. Star

13. Contact

14. Nothing Is Lost (Bonus Track)

Their last album flew off the shelves in the post-Winehouse retro-soul revival era that saw everyone from Duffy to Remi Nicole cashing in on the trend. With a bit of luck they’ll have evolved to suit changed tastes as opposed to being a Ting Tings case of “yesterday’s band of the moment trying to do it again today” – the world of music deserves a woman called Shingai Shoniwa.

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New music videos (from the Luna Lovegoods of pop)

Having stumbled across her by chance earlier this year, I am Harlequin has fast become one of my favourite discoveries, mostly because she’s seems to be on the edge of greatness  – she just needs discovering by everyone else first. The video for ‘Wild One’ sums up her passion but also her subtlety as a performer. If you like what you hear she’s literally just released a 5 track EP called Craze which I thoroughly recommend.

It’s about bleeding time that we got a video for ‘Euphoria’, it’s just starting to decline in charts having fared very well, even in the UK despite Radio 1’s vicious snub. You can see what they were trying to achieve here in terms of mysteriousness but for a song as MASSIVE as this, having no sense of its scale is a bit of a shame. All in all it just resembles a poorly lit Herbal Essences advert. However, the 7th Heaven Club Mix has just leaked and it’s predictably life-changing.

Have a lovely weekend

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Things you should know about the Aiden Grimshaw album

1) It’s not what you expect. Firstly it’s a lot more gritty and rough around the edges than you’d expect from the boy who looked like Edward Scissorhands’ nephew on the X Factor. It’s more than slightly urban in places but a lot of the tracks also bear more than a passing resemblance to ‘Bloodbeat’ by Patrick Wolf and Hurts’ back catalogue.  As well as the album being produced by Lana Del Rey songwriter Jarrad Rogers it features a surprising cover giving us a male take on a female classic – ‘Breathe Me’ by Sia.

2) Much like the video for ‘Is This Love’ and the artwork for newly announced second single ‘Curtain Call’, Aiden remains elusive, not showing his face on the album’s cover, just a misty eye for Misty Eye. For someone so pretty this is a CRYING SHAME.

3) On the whole it’s hard to say how well this album will perform. While Aiden has managed to build up a fanbase other artists would kill for via the X Factor, a lot of the tracks are firmly uncommercial – definitely not a bad thing. There don’t appear to be any obvious hits on it asides from ‘Is This Love’ which managed to reach No.35 and ‘What We Gonna Be’ featuring rapper Smiler which would make a sensible third single choice. We’ll have to see…

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New Sophie Ellis-Bextor song alert – This Is Not A Drill

Oh okay then, I lied. Sort of. How else was I supposed to get your attention? If you’re going to be pedantic, the song isn’t by Sophie Ellis-Bextor, but features Mademoiselle EB with a French DJ called Mathieu Bouthier. The track’s called ‘Beautiful’ and you can listen to a preview below:

You can get your hands on this lovely bit of Balearic-inspired blissful dance on July 16th when it’s released. How well it’ll fare it’s hard to say – ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’, her last collaboration with a French DJ, Junior Caldera performed decently enough and this is miles better.  All I can say for now is that the artwork is horrific:

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New music videos (Puddings over and under-egged)

Dear Lana, in the best possible way STOP YOUR ALBUM CAMPAIGN NOW. Nothing you could possibly do for the rest of it will manage to surpass this:

Florrie on the other hand is three EPs into her sonically brilliant career and still hasn’t managed to get the hang of what the point of a music video is.  It’s a visual narrative accompanying the song, love. Not something that looks at best like some cheap tour visuals and at worst a Rimmel advert. If only she could make her videos a tenth as good as her songs, we’d have a superstar on our hands:

Have a lovely weekend

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