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Amy: One year on

It’s still seems unbelievable that we’ll never hear this beautiful voice perform live again:

You can visit the website for the Amy Winehouse Foundation, set up in her memory to support young people in need through ill health, disability, financial disadvantage or addiction here.

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A musical mystery (courtesy of Pussy Galore)

Honor Blackman – Mrs Gale,  Pussy Galore…popstar? Bear in mind that this was the ‘Sixties swinging at their most demented – even Brigitte Bardot had a few pops at a pop career before deciding that stray cats and racism were more her thing. Ms Blackman’s first musical foray was a duet with her Avengers co-star Patrick Macnee, a song about kinky boots….called ‘Kinky Boots’.

So far, so novelty. Shortly after appearing in Goldfinger she then quietly released a full album called Everything I’ve Got – presumably not enough as she didn’t exactly become Marianne Faithfull 2.0.  I’ve been dragged round many a second hand record store in my time and never seen a copy of that awesome artwork (see below).

In 2006 the album was re-released onto a “Limited Edition” CD with “extra tracks”….by the looks of things so limited that a copy will set you back over £130. Not that I’m condoning piracy but it’s inaccessibility (it’s not on any digital retailer that I can find) like this that makes people give up on buying music altogether.

More than anything I’d like to have a listen and discover whether this album’s a forgotten gem or a dusty turd, so if you know of a way please let me know!

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Artwork win/fail?

I can’t really make up my mind on this one:

A bit like the cover art for Born This Way, it’s a ridiculous mess. But when did you last see the disembodied head of Beth Ditto floating around? Answer me that.

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Prediction of the day:

N-Dubz to reform* in 2018, assaulting the charts with a brand new single entitled ‘Water Under the Bridge’








*Tulisa possibly replaced by her from Cascada.


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