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So this is what JULY 2012 gave you…

As if last year’s double helping of Kate Bush wasn’t enough, she may well be up to something for release THIS YEAR.  Rumours are swirling that Kate has been filming a video with Jude Law for a remix of of ‘Running Up That Hill’. Could a new Greatest Hits be in the works?

Graeme Thomson, her biographer tweeted “So, a 2-CD Kate Bush Greatest Hits + video collection on DVD on the way. About time ” although the link he then referred to no longer lists such a release. Apparently the photo below is one of Law leaked from the video’s shoot. Until we hear an official announcement it’ll have to remain a hopeful possibility…

Destiny’s Child are returning! Sort of. To dampen you spirits, Matthew Knowles has had a dig around in his basement and is releasing two new albums in November of previously unheard material. He remains hopeful that an actual reunion tour will happen “Within the next 5 years” but while Michelle is doing Gospel and theatre, Kelendria still the Dannii Minogue of R&B and Beyoncé QUEEN OF THE WORLD (and a mother) it’s not looking like an immediate likelihood.

Mika has come out. As gay. WHO KNEW?

Cher’s ever-moving 26th album is starting to look like more than just a distant mirage. Asides from being one of the most amusing things on Twitter, she’s managed to ramble on it that she’s written two songs with P!nk and a track with Timbaland, along with her much-hyped Gaga duet ‘The Greatest Thing’. It’ll hopefully be out in time for Christmas *adds to wishlist*.

PSB are still effortlessly awesome:


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So this is what June 2012 gave you…

Church on time

Although her star has definitely dimmed since the days of singing ‘Ave Maria’ ad infinitum and making the sort of albums your Nan would like for Christmas, Charlotte Church has undeniably got a great voice. Although Tissues and Issues suffered from not knowing what the hell it wanted to be, 2010’s effort Back to Scratch was a lovely slice of female singer-songwriter pop that fans of the likes of Nerina Pallot should’ve gobbled up. Asides from doing lots of touring to showcase new material from her forthcoming EP, she’s released one of the tracks ‘The Rise’ for free. Have a listen below:

Kylie gets bitchy

Either the impending realisation that she’s going to have to perform ‘Especially For You’ with Jason in a couple of weeks is getting to her or Kylie has finally decided to give up the whole “sweet Pop Princess” act. Firstly she didn’t mince her words when asked her opinion of Madonna’s Boobgate;

She then proceeded to let some troll/idiot know what she really thought of them on The Twitter:

Does this mean that Kylie’s about to reveal a new, hard-as-nails bitch persona (like Madonna) that we’ve always dreamt of seeing? Who knows? The odds of her next album being titled ‘Special K’ have definitely shortened…

Free shit

Strictly speaking this isn’t new, but in the past week I’ve discovered that Chromatics have recorded a version of their excellent album Kill For Love with all of the drum sounds removed to make it EVEN more excellent and atmospheric. You can get hold of it here.

Also, the brilliant Eugene Francis Jr is giving away the spooky Leopold remix of his new single ‘Necronomicon’ (try saying that pissed). Have a listen;

And finally;

Sophie Ellis Bextor is making the most of post-childbirth “chillaxing”:


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So this is what MAY 2012 gave you…

More Arrows in their quiver

The Sound of Arrows released one of the strongest debuts of 2011 with Nova so it’s pleasing to see that they’re still churning out singles from it featuring their trademark fantastical videos. As you can see, new single ‘Conquest’ is clearly no exception:

Lovely. To celebrate their numerous remixes from the likes of Fear of Tigers they’re giving away a free, downloadable compilation entitled The Sound of Arrows Remixed which will be available at the end of June directly from the band’s website and Facebook page, complete with more fanciful artwork.


The reason we haven’t heard a squeak about the new M.I.A. album isn’t her fault – it’s a parrot’s. That’s right. She’s just bought a parrot with the intention of getting it to rap on a track. Unfortunately said parrot is taking longer than usual to develop aforementioned rapping skills. “I”m sorry, but these things take time”, she tweeted before giving us a sample of some potential lyrics; “I don’t do cage  and I don’t wear beige , but I do rage and I do cou-rage…” Once the parrot has mastered the art of being an avian Tupac or M.I.A. has given up on her feathered friend, you’ll hear here.

Fancy some free shit?

Here you go then:

To get fans in the right state of mind before her tour, EMA put together a free mixtape for you to share and download. Titled Hanging Out With Sarah – In Praise of Extremities (Sarah being EMA’s friend and temporary guitarist), she describes it as “Featuring Cypress Hill, an ultra-rare Gowns song, and the erstwhile lead guitarist of one of the world’s most famous rock bands singing ‘Your Pussy Is Glued To A Building On Fire.” What a treat!

Help yourself to the new mixtape from Chew Lips. First, a word from the band’s James; “Vol. II in our series of mixtapes has a couple of brand new exclusive versions of ‘Do You Chew?’ on there alongside some of our favourite tunes. The first track is a CL remix of a CL song featuring our friend Random Impulse. The second new version is an alternative take of the single with Fem Fel, a Hackney MC who we’ve been making some tracks with recently. Best listened to in the sunshine.” Excellent advice, now to find some bloody sunshine.

Nerina Pallot, one of the best British singer-songwriters going would also love you to have a listen to a live version of her beautiful but powerful song ‘English’, about her Indian mother’s mixed experiences after first arriving in Britain. You can get hold of it here.


Finally, you might’ve been wondering why the new VV Brown album’s been taking a while. Well it’s been delayed. Quite considerably according to Amazon. Not even Kate Bush keeps you waiting 17 years…


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So this is what APRIL 2012 gave you…

All RISE, the Queen is returning…

Everyone’s favourite sunglasses/eye patch-wearing diva who dominated the charts in the Nineties and early-Noughties is plotting her return. Gabrielle is set to release a single in November called ‘Hollywood’, produced by Naughty Boy and penned by none other than Emeli Sandé.

The fact that this isn’t even going on her own album, but rather she’s been specially asked to appear on Naughty Boy’s album while she gets cracking with her own is even better news at this means that while she’s back in the saddle, working with these “current” names will hopefully prove to be an inspiring experience. Her last album Always, released 5 years ago didn’t fare as well as it should’ve – mostly because her less pretentious and poppy brand of music wasn’t really in vogue at the time. In a post-Adele era things might prove different, although she has updated us with the surprising and exciting message; “Hope you are all ready to dance your socks off!”

Follow Queen Gabs on The Twitter for more updates and news in the coming months.

That Aiden Grimshaw single….

…it’s rather good, innit?

Sounding a bit like a Patrick Wolf and Skrillex soup, ‘Is This Love’ is out on June 3rd. Written by Aiden himself, it’s taken from his debut album Misty Eye which will be released on August 13th, presumably after a second single. Unlike the recent offering from fellow X Factor runner-up Marcus Collins, the album will feature wholly original material, co-written by Grimmers and produced by a certain Jarrad Rogers who has worked with the likes of Lana del Rey *sounds Misery-Pop Klaxon*.

One stipulation – can there be more of this please?

OOOF. Ta very much.

Hang up yer Boots

Leaving where RedOne left off, not even the talents of Andy Butler from the fabulous Hercules and Love Affair can make Little Boots sound better than a bored Nicola Roberts. Every night I say a prayer…that Victoria Hesketh will transform, Optimus Prime-style into an amazing, multi-dimensional popstar with a shred of personality. God is keeping us waiting.

It’s a MIXED up world…

A bit like how about 10 years ago it was very trendy for a CD single to have a “Stargate Radio Mix” as a b-side, it seems all the rage right now for up-and-coming acts to give away free mixtapes. This is mostly because it’s a great way of recycling demos, bulked up with existing songs that everyone likes.  The past month has given offerings from the likes of…

  • Misha B:

2011’s X Factor “bully”, the only non-bland finalist in a legion of dullness is taking less time than expected to get a bloody move on. The original songs sandwiched in Why Hello World are actually quite promising.


1. Why Hello World Misha B Intro
2. Misha B – ‘Big Dreaming’
3. Weeknd feat. Drake – ‘Crew Love’ (Can’t You See Refix)
4. TLC – ‘Unpretty’ Original / Misha B Cover (Cut)
5. Beyonce – ‘Run the World’ (Stylus Refix)
6. Misha B – ‘Last Forever’
7. Misha B – ‘Home Run’
8. Adele – ‘Rolling in the Deep’ (Classic Hip Hop Blend) / Misha B Cover
9. Usher – ‘Climax’
10. Lil Wayne feat. Bruno Mars – ‘Mirror’ Original / Misha B Cover
11. Outro

  • Queen of Hearts

The Neon Queen Mixtape is like a “who’s who” of indie-pop rising stars – Icona Pop, Jessie Ware, Eli & Fur etc with someone called Janet Jackson thrown in for good measure. Admittedly even Little Boots doesn’t sound too soforific. Queen of Hearts herself is on cracking form here and it hopefully won’t be too long a wait until we get either another brilliant EP or even an album announcement…


1. Queen of Hearts – Neon (Lightwaves Remix)
2. Little Boots – Every Night I Say A Prayer (Tensnake Remix)
3. Icona Pop – Manners (Kitsune Extended Mix)
4. Perseus – Seychelles
5. Queen of Hearts – Shoot the Bullet (Aluna George Remix)
6. Aluna George – You Know You Like It
7. Jessie Ware – Running (Disclosure Remix)
8. Charli XCX – Stay Away (T.Williams Dub)
9. Janet Jackson – The Pleasure Principal (Over The Top Remix)
10. Queen of Hearts – Where Are You Now? (StardonE Remix)
11. SebastiAn – Arabest
12. Azealia Banks – Bambi
13. Marina & The Diamonds – Primadonna (Evian Christ Remix)
14. Eli & Fur – Sea of Stars
15. Queen of Hearts – What Is Love? *EXCLUSIVE*

  • The Magician

Musical conjurer The Magician is back with the 22nd of his mixtapes and this latest offering is just as eclectic as its predecessors. I don’t really know much about him asides from the fact that every now and again I pay his SoundCloud page a visit and leave with an irrepressibly bouncy spring in my step. And that’s all you really need to know too.

That’s yer lot.

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So this is what MARCH 2012 gave you…

Not just any old rubbish

Garbage are BACK. Not content with having her status as the coolest woman in rock in the past-tense, frontwoman and occasional T-1001 Shirley Manson has rallied her troops after a 7 year gap since Bleed Like Me. A new album, Not Your Kind of People is out on May 14th with ‘Blood for Poppies‘ already out as a US  and Australian single and ‘Battle In Me’  for the UK. She’ll also be taking that familiar fierceness back on the road with a UK tour before hitting the rest of the world later in the year. Get your hands on this hottest of tickets here and blast ‘Battle in Me’ below:


Poor old Adam Lambert, it’s not been a great couple of months with his album postponed and last week his headlining set with Queen at Sonisphere cancelled due to poor ticket sales. At least he’s finally got some good news with a new release date for Trespassing in tablets of stone. It’ll be out on May 20th. Hopefully.

Cutting edge?

The Scissor Sisters are also planning on releasing a new album in May, called Magic Hour. With Calvin Harris (Really?), Diplo (Hmmm) and Pharrell (OH SHIT) on board, it looks like they’re trying to seize the commercial bull by the horns. Whether this will pay off, only time will tell. With a bit of luck we should be hearing proper new single (after ‘Shady Love’ was never properly released) ‘Only The Horses’ soon.

New look here Madam…

It’s emerged that professional madwoman VV Brown is now selling clothes in a market. Perhaps if she GOT A MOVE ON and released another record she’d be known for her music rather than being (according to my Mum) “that lady from those Marks and Spencer ads who looks like she escaped from a facility”.

Marina hyena

Oh and the picture below is from a Tumblr account which has been making me giggle a bit for the past few days. Apparently Marina’s label don’t like it much – which means you should all giggle at it too and tell them to grow a sense of humour.

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So this is what FEBRUARY 2012 gave you…

The road to ESTELLE is paved with good intentions:

The problem with Estelle is that like many black British artists, she’s been badly promoted to to the extent that each time she releases anything it feels like a major career comeback. Her new album All Of Me has just been released in the US and is expected to do reasonably well over there on the likes of the Adult Contemporary Chart thanks to performances on BET and the Wendy Williams Show. It’s not coming out in the UK until March 12th and the only bit of promotion I’ve seen for it has been an interview with the Evening Standard magazine. BUT, career salvation may be at hand in the unlikely arms of Simon Cowell. Kelendria Rowland isn’t coming back to judge on The X Factor this year as she wants to concentrate on snuffling for success around Beyonce’s feet like trufffles music so a vacancy may well be opening. If this rumour turns out to be true it might provide the latest lifeline in the career that deserves much, much better than to be just remembered for that soporific song with Kanye West.

Hold it right there:

The latest marketing gimmick in selling your music appears to be…don’t sell it at all. Postpone the release date and you’re guaranteed to drum up a bit of attention, useful if you’ve been away for a bit. In the past month VV Brown, Adam Lambert and Ladyhawke have all delayed the release of their new records. With Ladyhawke this decision seems to have been made by her record label without any discussion to the extent that she’s blasted it as “a pain in the arse” in recent interviews.  A note to labels, be careful in messing your artists around with their music, otherwise they might just “Do a Ting Tings” on you and delete the lot.


Madonna’s underperforming new single (scraping in at the UK charts at No.37), produced by Martin Solveig might owe some of its lack of success down to the fact that it sounds eerily similar with its cheerleaderish chants to ‘Hello’, Solveig’s earlier sleeper hit with Dragonette. Well now Dragonette have returned the favour/taken back what was theirs by releasing another single with Solveig…complete with more cheerleaderish chants. ‘Big In Japan’ is repetitive, unoriginal and by far the weakest thing they’ve ever recorded. And I love it. For fans of the band’s own material you’ll be excited to hear they’ve released some SPIFFING teases on their Soundcloud page. Bring on their new album.

And finally…

CIARA got her hair did. You go girlfriend.

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So this is what JANUARY 2012 gave you…

Music today isn’t all Fearne Cotton ruining your favourite bands, discovering and becoming bored of an ‘EXCITING NEW ACT’ in the space of 9 minutes thanks to Twitter and lamenting The Good Old Days when you’d pop into Woolworths on a Saturday to see what exciting new single by S.O.A.P  & co was out. But there is a fuckload lot of tripe out there, so the least you can do is take the good with the band and seize on it all with GUSTO.  With that in mind, welcome to Put the Needle on It, the blog equivalent of  your really embarrassing Auntie.

No Shade

What in fresh hell happened to the ‘Sisters?! Actually, once you get over the fact that ‘Shady Love’ is  closer to LMFAO than Elton John’s toupee it’s easy enough to embrace. Pulsating and close enough to generic, without being over the Jessie J scale of shit –  radio should lap this up. They’ve been quietly recording a follow up to their already iconic dance opus Night Work in seedy Berlin. Boy George and Kylie (!) have voiced their approval of the results so far on Twitter, so needless to say we’re all in for a big treat.

Bye bye, Boy Banned

Sad news for fans of Eurocreme’s NON-PORN export.  After enough line-up changes to confuse even the Sugababes but with a few decent songs hidden behind some incredibly dodgy videos, the lads have decided to call it a day after member Ethan was offered a solo deal.  So farewell Boy Banned, if any of you end up doing any actual porn – you know where we are.

OH my god

Nadia Oh’s new song is fucking amazing. And is called ‘Fqn Amazing’  So you won’t be calling Advertising Standards on everyone’s favourite indie Ke$ha today. Just the Grammar Police.

Back (vengeance pending)

As well has being a year where we have returns by the likes of everyone from Madonna, Ladyhawke, Placebo and Estelle, 2012’s pop soundscape looks set to be even more phwoarsome by confirmation by Alphabeat and Dragonette that they too are unleashing themselves on unsuspecting ears. The latter have even given us a tiny tease of their first single ‘Let It Go’ which sounds like they’ve not strayed far from collaborator Martin Solveig. So long as Madonna doesn’t swoop down like a musclier version of Gollum and nick any songs like she did with ‘Turn Up the Radio’,  the song he wrote with Sunday Girl, all will be well.

Don’t Panic!

Blondie’s first album in eight years, Panic of Girls, released last year was surprisingly good – proof that whatever Debbie Harry’s doing (or not doing) these days she should keep at it.  And like any other musician in this day and age she’s not immune to leaks. ‘Restless’, a track from the studio sessions that never made the final cut has surfaced.  Gawd knows how long it’ll be until we get another offering so have an aural shufty.

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