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So this is what JULY 2012 gave you…

As if last year’s double helping of Kate Bush wasn’t enough, she may well be up to something for release THIS YEAR.  Rumours are swirling that Kate has been filming a video with Jude Law for a remix of of ‘Running Up That Hill’. Could a new Greatest Hits be in the works?

Graeme Thomson, her biographer tweeted “So, a 2-CD Kate Bush Greatest Hits + video collection on DVD on the way. About time ” although the link he then referred to no longer lists such a release. Apparently the photo below is one of Law leaked from the video’s shoot. Until we hear an official announcement it’ll have to remain a hopeful possibility…

Destiny’s Child are returning! Sort of. To dampen you spirits, Matthew Knowles has had a dig around in his basement and is releasing two new albums in November of previously unheard material. He remains hopeful that an actual reunion tour will happen “Within the next 5 years” but while Michelle is doing Gospel and theatre, Kelendria still the Dannii Minogue of R&B and Beyoncé QUEEN OF THE WORLD (and a mother) it’s not looking like an immediate likelihood.

Mika has come out. As gay. WHO KNEW?

Cher’s ever-moving 26th album is starting to look like more than just a distant mirage. Asides from being one of the most amusing things on Twitter, she’s managed to ramble on it that she’s written two songs with P!nk and a track with Timbaland, along with her much-hyped Gaga duet ‘The Greatest Thing’. It’ll hopefully be out in time for Christmas *adds to wishlist*.

PSB are still effortlessly awesome:


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Shedding a new light on The Darkness

So The Darkness are back. Not just on the nostalgia circuit, but with a proper album coming out and bagging the lucrative slot of supporting Lady Gaga on some of her tour dates. Asides from the problems with Justin Hawkins, the band has always had another internal problem that’s hindered their success – are they for real? By this I mean are they still the parody of Glam-rock that captured retro-minded imaginations and sold millions of their debut….or are they trying to leave it in the past as a straight-faced rock band? As you might remember their sophomore One Way Ticket to Hell …and Back was a comparative slump as although it tried to replicate the same sense of fun as Permission to Land, it also took itself too seriously in places. The Darkness need to spell out consistently what side their bread is buttered with their tone, otherwise it’ll be a one way ticket – and this time with no return.

The video for their new single ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ suggests jollity is thankfully back on the agenda:

At the same time, have a look at the tracklisting for Hot Cakes (released on August 20th):

‘Every Inch Of You’
‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us’
‘With A Woman’
‘Keep Me Hangin’ On’
‘Living Every Day Blind’
‘Everybody Having A Good Time’
‘She Just A Girl Eddie’
‘Forbidden Love’
‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’
‘Love Is Not The Answer’

Yes, that is a RADIOHEAD COVER you might’ve spotted towards the end. Hmmm.

With Justin promising “Hot Cakes has a nice raw feel to it like the first album had, with occasional luxurious moments akin to the second.” we just might end up with the best aspects of both records, or their worst faults. Either way I will defend them to the death as the perfect support act for Gaga. Camp, self-indulgent but ultimately lots of fun when they want to be…just like the woman herself.

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