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New music videos (Bodyswapping)

For her latest video Lana Del Rey goes a little bit gay. Shot in her usual Super-8 style, this song of predictable love and misery doesn’t end too well for Lana’s scissoring partner, played by Jaimie King. Speaking of which what the hell HAPPENED to Jaime King? – or is that one of those mysteries like “What happened to Salem after Sabrina the Teenage Witch got cancelled?” that the FBI probably has a whole file on.

Meanwhile, one of the most well-known homosexual musicians has taken Lana’s most famous single, the dirge anthem ‘Video Games’ and turned it into a Johnny Cash-style ballad. The lovely Goth-Punk couple look so inappropriately happy that you spend 90% of the video on edge waiting for something horrible to happen to them. George’s voice however, sounds beautiful.

Have a lovely weekend

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New music videos (Puddings over and under-egged)

Dear Lana, in the best possible way STOP YOUR ALBUM CAMPAIGN NOW. Nothing you could possibly do for the rest of it will manage to surpass this:

Florrie on the other hand is three EPs into her sonically brilliant career and still hasn’t managed to get the hang of what the point of a music video is.  It’s a visual narrative accompanying the song, love. Not something that looks at best like some cheap tour visuals and at worst a Rimmel advert. If only she could make her videos a tenth as good as her songs, we’d have a superstar on our hands:

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New music videos (lost in retro)

Trapped living Mark Ronson-meets-‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ by The Avalanches, Willy Moon is surreal and confused. Possibly because this is also the first time he’s ever appeared in colour.

Everything is gorge in Lana Del Rey’s vintage world of black and white Chateau Marmont glamour; where cosmetics don’t smudge in chlorine and tattooed hunks throw themselves at you in slow-motion. Just watch out for the alligators.

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Artwork win

Brownie points are in order to a certain Lana Del Rey for this effort…

The song might be called ‘Blue Jeans’, but why fall for the obvious and include any denim, what is this? B*Witched?  This latest single by The Fat-Lipped One is out on April 8th. A video, we are told, is due soon.

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Misery loves company…

…so it’s little wonder why a Morrissey and Lana Del Rey mash-up is a match made in heaven. Enjoy:

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