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New music videos (the battle of the blondes)

Probably the best thing about the return of No Doubt is that it doesn’t feel like a comeback. Gwen and co haven’t altered their lazy ska/reggae sound and there’s no attempt to sound current e.g. “REDONE…Stefani!” etc. Because of this it actually stands out from everything else processed and vocodered within an inch of its life in the charts – and that might be the secret to this reunion’s success. Look out for Harajuku girl lurking in the back of Gwen’s truck (apparently it’s Love – Angel, Music and Baby were either indisposed or superfluous) in the equally laid back video:

For a woman whose album scuttled off the charts faster than Bionic by Christina, Madonna really isn’t in a position to be lazy. A video involving carefree driving around Florence with dancers and hookers just isn’t going to cut it. As for the song – it should’ve remained with Sunday Girl who it was originally recorded with. Nothing about this single has personality..

Have a lovely weekend.

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So this is what June 2012 gave you…

Church on time

Although her star has definitely dimmed since the days of singing ‘Ave Maria’ ad infinitum and making the sort of albums your Nan would like for Christmas, Charlotte Church has undeniably got a great voice. Although Tissues and Issues suffered from not knowing what the hell it wanted to be, 2010’s effort Back to Scratch was a lovely slice of female singer-songwriter pop that fans of the likes of Nerina Pallot should’ve gobbled up. Asides from doing lots of touring to showcase new material from her forthcoming EP, she’s released one of the tracks ‘The Rise’ for free. Have a listen below:

Kylie gets bitchy

Either the impending realisation that she’s going to have to perform ‘Especially For You’ with Jason in a couple of weeks is getting to her or Kylie has finally decided to give up the whole “sweet Pop Princess” act. Firstly she didn’t mince her words when asked her opinion of Madonna’s Boobgate;

She then proceeded to let some troll/idiot know what she really thought of them on The Twitter:

Does this mean that Kylie’s about to reveal a new, hard-as-nails bitch persona (like Madonna) that we’ve always dreamt of seeing? Who knows? The odds of her next album being titled ‘Special K’ have definitely shortened…

Free shit

Strictly speaking this isn’t new, but in the past week I’ve discovered that Chromatics have recorded a version of their excellent album Kill For Love with all of the drum sounds removed to make it EVEN more excellent and atmospheric. You can get hold of it here.

Also, the brilliant Eugene Francis Jr is giving away the spooky Leopold remix of his new single ‘Necronomicon’ (try saying that pissed). Have a listen;

And finally;

Sophie Ellis Bextor is making the most of post-childbirth “chillaxing”:


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Another blast from The Past

It’s only Madonna’s banned ‘American Life’ video!

I’ve been giving the American Life album a bit of much-needed attention lately in the wake of disappointment with MDNA. It’s by no means a perfect effort but it was definitely the last Madonna record that managed to pull off both “seriousface Madonna Louise Ciconne tackles big issues” AND “Madge, Queen of the Gays and the Dancefloor”. As for the video itself – much like the song it’s both sublime and ridiculous. Quite how it managed to get banned just goes to show how prickly everyone was around the time of the Iraq invasion. One hopes that Rihanna would’ve suffered the same fate with ‘Hard’…

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