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Artwork win (Nobody squats quite like P!nk)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that P!nk is back with another smashing grump-anthem, written by Greg Kurstin. Perfectly designed for anyone who’s had a shit day at work  to chant “I’VE HAD A SHIT DAY, YOU HAD A SHIT DAY, WE’VE HAD A SHIT DAY”  on their way home, she’s doing what she does best.

Unlike other artists who dip their toes in different genres in an effort to keep things fresh, I can’t think of anything I’d hate more if P!nk did something like a dance record, something she’s recently made clear she has *no* intention of doing.

And as far as her latest album artwork’s concerned it’s a typically bold affair :

And here’s the tracklisting for what’s actually going to be on it:

1. Are We All We Are 

2. Blow Me (One Last Kiss) 

3. Try 

4. Just Give Me a Reason 

5. True Love 

6. How Come You’re Not Here 

7. Slut Like You 

8. The Truth About Love 

9. Beam Me Up 

10. Walk of Shame 

11. Here Comes the Weekend 

12. Where Did the Beat Go? 

13. The Great Escape

One of the above tracks is going to be a duet with none other than fellow-Kurstin collaborator and recent mother, Lily Allen. Here’s hoping for something typically snarky that we’ve come to expect from both. If that wasn’t enough, you’re getting a proper b-side with ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’, the fabulously titled ‘The King Is Dead But The Queen Is Alive’ to tide you over until The Truth about Love is released on September 17th.

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